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Sneak Peak from an ongoing project on making an app to keep the sports enthusiasts in this school up to date! We decided to keep it clean and work with typography.




App for Vidya Valley School

App interface design for a school that displays contacts, calendar details, bus routes, notices.

App for a Bus Conductor

Hi- Fidelity Wireframe design for an app for a bus conductor.

Interface Design

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Here are a few snippets of explorations when we were creating the interface for our app.
The interaction is Evernote folder inspired.

Here are a few icon explorations as well as a few sketches!

Branding for my Aquaponics installation. These will be what I hand out to people who come see.

This is a work in progress so feedback is more than welcome! :D

To the Stressful Times2013

To the Stressful Times


Bear & Hedgehog